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原标题:Bilingual·Foreign Business|全球对非洲投资热情高涨


制造 | 运用精益生产管理软件实现智能制造

Lean Production Management Software for Smart Manufacturing

财报 | 蒂森克虏伯2017/2018 财年一季度利润显著增长

thyssenkrupp significantly increases operating earnings in Q1

融资 | 全球对非洲投资热情高涨

Global investor appetite for Africa

契约 | 英特诺将联合国全球契约付诸实施

Interroll is putting the UN Global Compact principles into practice



Lean Production Management Software for Smart Manufacturing


The traditional management process of abnormal production incidents was quite complex, often resulting in disadvantages, such as passive waiting and untracibility.

霞飞诺眼镜工业 (Safilo) 苏州有限公司运用由霍尼韦尔开发的精益生产事件管理解决方案(RPS)系统,pt老虎白菜网已部署于15个人工和机器生产事件快速问题解决站点。

The lean production management solution, developed by Honeywell China, has been deployed in 15 Rapid Problem Solving (RPS) stations to monitor and solve the production incidents on both manual and mechanical assembly lines in the world-known eyewear company, Safilo Eyewear Industries Suzhou Ltd..


Honeywell RPS System can connect and exchange data with other systems by its user-friendly man-machine interaction design.


Upon its occurrence, the incident will be reported by simply clicking the button or scanning the code. Once receiving the automatic alarm and deion of the incident, the service staff may visit and inspect the site in question in a timely manner.


If not responded to or handled for a long time, the system will automatically send the alarm to a higher-rank receiver.


In addition to this, the system is able to automatically collect the root causes of incidents, form a cloud-based knowledge base upon analyzing and solving problems, and predict the probability of abnormal incidents to deliver continuous improvement in production management for the company.


After a few months of monitoring, the incident processing mechanism in the Safilo Suzhou plant has been significantly optimized.


With the support of Honeywell’s lean production software RPS System, the average time spent on solving engineering, design and process related problems has been reduced from 7 days to 2 days,


data-collection and chart-making time from 10 hours per week to 1 hour per week, and incident processing time from 120 minutes to 70 minutes by the end of June of 2017 and to 33 minutes in December of 2017, resulting in the lean production of the plant being continuously improved.


This RPS System was positioned to provide efficient incident processing mechanism, with the efficiency of internal incident processing improving up to 60% - 70%, which not only saved the costs of information transmission but also helped the plant to achieve lean production.


thyssenkrupp significantly increases operating earnings in Q1


The technology and industrial group thyssenkrupp recently announced financial reports shows, the order intake, sales and earnings in the first three months were higher year-on-year. With adjusted EBIT of €444 million.


As a result of the good operating performance, thyssenkrupp increased its 1st quarter net income to €91 million.


This includes a one-time negative effect of €87 million on net income from the US tax reform enacted in the reporting period.


After deducting minority interest, net income in the 1st quarter was €78 million; earnings per share came to €0.12.

蒂森克虏伯确认2017 / 2018财年业绩预期为调整后息税前利润预计增长至18到20亿欧元;

For the current fiscal year 2017 / 2018 thyssenkrupp confirms its forecast. Adjusted EBIT is expected to increase to €1.8 to €2.0 billion.


On this basis the company forecasts clearly positive net income above the prior-year figure.


Free cash flow before M&A is expected to be positive again.


Global investor appetite for Africa


Standard Bank raised over USD7bn of debt for African clients from global markets in 2017, driven by strong international investor appetite for Africa.


The funds raised will drive further growth for Standard Bank’s African clients on the continent, from supporting 800,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana with a USD1.3bn trade finance facility to funding acquisitions and helping African corporates grow on the global stage.

如协助Liquid Telecom发行5.5亿美元欧洲债券,及为Sibanye-Stillwater发行10亿美元欧洲债券等。

This was the case with a USD550m debut Eurobond for Liquid Telecom and a USD1bn Eurobond for Sibanye-Stillwater.


Standard Bank Group is the largest African bank by assets with a unique footprint across 20 African countries.


The bank was mandated lead arranger and book runner for the Government of Kenya’s USD1bn syndicated loan.


This landmark deal involved funding raised from a syndicate of over 20 international financial institutions and will be used to support the government’s growth and development plans in Kenya, which will ultimately benefit the people of Kenya.


In addition, the bank acted as mandated lead arranger and book runner for the Government of Nigeria’s innovative USD300m Diaspora Bond in 2017.


A SEC-registered bond aimed at raising funds from Nigerian citizens across the globe – the funds were used to part finance the implementation of the Government’s 2017 Budget.


Interroll is putting the UN Global Compact principles into practice


Interroll recently published the 2017 progress report regarding the UN Global Compact, reaffirming its commitment to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and is pledging to continue to work towards their implementation.


The UN Global Compact is a voluntary initiative set up by the United Nations based on ten universal principles regarding human rights, labour standards, environment and climate, as well as preventing corruption.


Since it was founded in 2000, by the UN General Secretary at the time, Kofi Annan, around 10,000 companies and organisations from civil society, politics and science in more than 160 countries have undertaken to make this vision a reality.

“价值导向的行为是英特诺企业文化的一项重要内容。我们的客户、合作伙伴和员工可以确信, 英特诺的行为始终坚守公平、环保及经济的原则,”英特诺集团首席执行官Paul Zumbühl说。

"Value-oriented action is a central part of our corporate culture at Interroll. Our customers, partners and employees can count on the fact that our actions are always fair, environmentally conscious and economically responsible," explains Paul Zumbühl, Chief Executive Officer of the Interroll Group.


To ensure that the common principles and codes of the Group are put into practice, managers underwent training in the 2017 reporting year.


This began with the German companies and is planned for the Chinese, American, Danish and French sites during 2018.

“坚决响应全球契约不仅能够提升英特诺集团的合规性,防止可能的负面影响,而且还增强了我们的总体竞争力。”英特诺集团首席财务官及合规代表Daniel Battig说。

"Our solidarity with the Global Compact strengthens our compliance and prevents potentially negative effects on the Interroll Group. It also strengthens our competitiveness in general," adds Daniel B?ttig, Chief Financial Officer and Compliance representative of the Interroll Group.


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